joi, 27 martie 2014

Through the blue door, into the house of the ancestors

I dream i am in an old traditional Romanian house - the type with painted walls: deep, deep blue. I enter the small door, and there is the specific smell from childhood, the smell of spending summers in the country. Wonderful. I now realize that i am in a village in Ardeal (Transilvania) - could be the one my mother was born in. An old woman, wearing white and black traditional clothes of the region, is just waking up from sleep as i enter the room. She seems older than Time itself - or better said, there is a feeling of her being Outside Time. She starts speaking "ardeleneste" - the sweet accent that my heart loves, using some "regionalisme" i thought i had long forgotten: she is actually giving me indications on some food recipes. She is speaking, she is whispering. The words transform into rhytmed chanting - like a mantra. The sounds are alive energies, floating towards me.
(November 1st, 2012)

I woke up from this dream feeling blessed. Feeling immense gratitude. Over the years, i had had several dreams connected to different traditions - this was the one connecting me with my ancestors. This was the dream that reconnected me with the IA - the traditional Romanian blouse (the blouse that inspired Matisse toward creating some of his beautiful paintings, by the way.)

There was an amazingly beautiful follow up to this dream, inspired by fellow dreamers in the Romanian Dreaming Circle: some weeks later, all of us dressed in ii, we organized a traditional women gathering, a "Sezatoare" - a circle of women telling stories, singing, dancing, plaiting hair, knitting, gatherings that used to have place not until long ago in the villages... There were hours of joy and laughter and shared dreams.

The gifts of the dreamworld are many. For me, reconnecting with the authentic, ancient Romanian tradition is one of the most cherished gifts... And i believe the dreamwork, the active dreaming does this for many dreamers, all over the planet - reconnecting them with what is authentic, for them. And i also feel that this authenticity, this treasure, this real-iness, shares a common root, all over the world.

Ana Maria

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