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Follow your Heart. A story with Dreams and Lions.

Follow your Heart. A story with Dreams and Lions.

I dream i arrive late at Robert's workshop in Prague; i sit down and start telling a dream i had just had that morning, right before waking up:

I am walking on a narrow path through the thick jungle, smelling the rich greenish air, looking up in search for the colour of the sky, seeing only the endless canopy of trees. There is a solemn quietness and i am almost holding my breath. Silence, but i feel the forest alive. I walk and walk and suddenly, a "fairytale like" clearing opens in front of me: golden tall grass, intense blue sky, the smell of ripe hay, the dark green of the forest on the right and on the left of the clearing. It is like i see colours for the first time in my life - like these are the TRUE colours. Lionesses running, two or three lion cubs playing. The lanscape feels so familiar, like finding again something i had long forgotten; an undescribable feeling of easiness in my heart - i can practically feel my heart opening. I suddenly understand the feeling of familiarity - it IS family, my family. It is beyond metaphor - this place IS what it is. In the distance, i see people and lions walking together, "talking" together - actually, they are not "talking", they are "hearting". HEARTING. This is the only word that can describe the way of their BEING together. There is a comunity of humans and lions. A com-unity :) I feel intense happiness and start running towards them.

So i am telling this dream to Robert, within the workshop. I see his eyes shine with understanding - he knows this. No more words are needed, and he reminds me about the rope. "What rope ?" I look down and i see the rope around my waist, that is now pulling me out of the dream within the dream. I wake up.

For me, the path of the Dreams is the path of the Heart. I know it, i felt it, i am living it. The place of the Lion is real - it is a place in the heart, a place that is more real than reality itself. This dream, like many others, was a dream from my heart, dreamt in the images of the heart, with the language of the heart. HEARTING. How do i know it was for real ? I FELT it !

A sequence of dreams, synchronicities and more dreams led me, step by step, to working with...dreams. I mean playing with dreams :) Synchronicity led me to find Robert on the net in 2010, and then follow his training of teachers of Active Dreaming and then dream together in Romania. So for me, it is a dream come true. Some 7 or 8 years ago, i was wondering what will i do with all the dreams i had, what is the purpose, what is this ? Are they "just" dreams ? I guess i found my answer.

Why am i writing about this ? Because i now know that through dreams, my heart talks to me. I dare to say - our hearts talk to us. There is something there, in the heart of our heart, calling, waiting, inviting for remembering. Re-membering. The dream with the lions talked exactly about that - and this is a vision i hope to pay forward.

Was this dream "just" a metaphor ? NO, it was not.

You know the famous question "is this a path with heart" ? Well, it sure is !

Ana Maria

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