joi, 27 martie 2014

"There is something more on the other side"
Never before have i felt with such intensity the feeling of being in a waking dream. People walking and talking, but this reality has the consistency of the atmosphere of Alice in Wonderland. Somehow, the whole place is out the of the usual flow of things.

I see again Einstein's formula, E=mc 2, the second time in three days, this time on Robert's socks - and i suddenly remember the similarity of the words soles and souls. Funny, the souls immersed in the theory of relativity. Or is it only anout relating, or relatives. With these thoughts in mind, i hear someone talking about rabbits. Oh, yes, down the rabbit hole, that's where we were.

"There is something more on the other side" i hear myself saying, looking across the pond as we walk looking for a trail in the forest. It sure is, and the words follow me all along the forest trail and into the evening. I read of vision transfer, and i realize that this is all writers do, this is what writing is about - Vision transfer !

I think again of the intention for the night, and i remember the line in the movie called "The Golden Compass": "hold it as if it were a living creature." Hold the intention as if it were a living creature: not too tight, not too loose.

I go to sleep and dream of myself in the dreaming class, with Robert giving us a new assignment: he gives us pieces of paper, with disparate words written on, no connection between the words, and we have to make up short stories with these words. Great assignment, i love it !!! The funny thing is that every word on the paper is alive - it is like a "handle with care" message comes up from the whole organism of the living words."

Ana Maria

(photo: Mosswood Hollow)

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